Monday, February 24, 2020

Run To Me For Safety

February 24, 2020

My daughter, write these Words,

Trust Me with all your heart, lean on Me for your understanding, do NOT trust man and his ways.

So many are in fear of what is coming upon the earth, BUT have NO FEAR of Me, the One who holds their very breath ... Why is this so? Have I not said in My Word, that all who call upon My Name shall be saved? Have I not made a way of escape? Yes! My Son made the way for all mankind to be reconciled back to Me ... Life outside of Me is no life at all ... I hold life in My hand.

Run to Me for safety.

Thank You Abba for this Holy Word ...  Help us to understand the simplicity of Your salvation by crying out for forgiveness for sins and asking You to fill us with Your precious Holy Spirit ... I love you Holy Abba.

Psalm 91      Proverbs 3:5-6, 9:10     Romans 5:10, 10:13      John 3:16

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Those Who Trust Me, Follow Me

Jan 13, 2020

Daughter, I have called you to follow Me, to walk according to My Word.
My Word is true, My ways are true, My love is true ... Without Me there is no light ... One can put their trust in Me knowing I Am with them.

Holding on to righteousness is staying in My Holy Word, asking Me for Wisdom in everything you do ... Do I not make it clear that anyone who calls upon My Name shall be saved? ... Those who trust Me, follow Me ... Walk In the Light of My love and I will walk with you... Lean not on your understanding of what you feel, but on My Holy Word ... It is My Word that purifies the heart and washes clean the deepest regret of sin ... Commit yourselves to Me, I will lead you into understanding of Holiness ... Purging the heart is needed so that My heart REPLACES yours ... Your ways are not My ways, My ways are higher, fore I AM HOLY.

Thank You Lord Yeshua for this Word, I love You.

Proverbs 3:5-7        Isaiah 55:8-9     Joel 2:32       Mark 12:30-31

I'm seeing such a movement within the body of Yeshua, the remnant of believers, seeking pureness of heart, holiness and love ... allowing the Lord to shine His Light of purification upon the deepest part of our hearts is painful at times, BUT its needed to truly heal, forgive and love others the way He loves us ... I can NOT stress enough how important this is. Let the Holy Spirit cleanse you of all that's not of Him, He will lead you into Holiness.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

My Covenant Stands

October 24, 2019

Daughter write these Words,

You are My chosen vessel to write instruction of My Words to all who will read and understand ... My people have become weary in waiting on time to unfold  in what they know to be the time of the end ... My timing is not their timing ... Many things must unfold as time has been recorded according to My Time ... As I have spoken, so shall it be.

Many have become unwilling to allow My Holy Spirit to purge them of sins that hold them captive, sins that they refuse to see as sin.

My children DO NOT work while it is still light and don't realize darkness is upon them.

Time of upheaval will close in on many nations and most will be caught off guard ... The nations plan against My people (Israel) but I WILL BE THEIR PROTECTOR ... It is by My Hand that judgment comes to the ones that seek to destroy My Holy people ... To the nations, know this, I AM THE MIGHTY ONE OF ISRAEL ... I uphold My covenant I made with their fathers! MY COVENANT STANDS!

The plans made with the king of the north will fail, just as MY Word has declared ... Many things must fall into place before the time of the end ... No man can cause or rush what is written in MY Holy Word ... It is by My time things will unfold.

Stay alert! Be diligent in seeking Me for instruction on the timing laid out in MY Word ... Seek NOT mans wisdom, but My Wisdom only ... Stay close to Me in prayer ... Repent of sins still in your life ... Ask Me to strengthen you and show you how to overcome the flesh ... Pray for MY Spirit to guide you into all Truth.

Thank you Lord for this Word, I love You.

Isaiah 40:28-31     Daniel 8 (all)       Zechariah 12:2-3

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Thursday, September 5, 2019


September 4, 2019

My daughter write these Words,

The chastisement of My children is to make them ready for what is to come ... Many will be caught off guard, but not my chosen remnant ... They are battle worn and made ready for My work to be done ... They take what I have taught them and walk according to My instructions ... The do not turn to the left or right, but follow Me only ... These I have allowed to be purged time and time again so that they train their spirit to walk according to My Word and follow My Holy Spirit ... Man can not persuade them to walk in the flesh ... They have been trained by My hand and follow My voice.

Can man know the plans I have laid out except they know My Word? ... They make their own plans, but those plans will fail.

I call to the nations who refuse to hear My voice, BUT they will know My hand of judgment ... The plans they have made against My Chosen (Israel) to divide and then conquer will ultimately FAIL and they will be brought to nothing, destroyed by their own evil.

Many changes are on the horizon, surprising changes that will be hard to believe ... These changes will come to fruition nonetheless ... My hand will direct these changes and will astonish the ones who think they are controlling the nations ... Who are they to stand against ME!! ... I will accomplish all that's written in My Word! ... Who is man to fight ME! ... Man will tremble at MY WORD!

Stand strong My people, allow Me to finish the work I started in your lives ... Humble yourselves in My Presence and stay in My Holy Word fore I Am your Strength and Shield! ... In the times coming forth, you will need strength that comes from walking in My Holy Spirit ... Stay in My Holy Word, seek Me in prayer, humble yourselves and wait upon Me to lead you ... I go before you in battle.

Thank You Lord for this Word, I love you!

Psalm 94:12-15, all of chapter 121       Proverbs 3:11-12     Hebrews 12:6

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Turning A Blind Eye

July 18, 2019

Daughter, Write these Words ...

Since the beginning of time as you know it, I have been in complete control of all things ... Nothing happens that I do not allow ... Who can stand beside Me except My Son who gave His life to redeem all My creation ... His life was given so that My creation could walk in fellowship with Me.

Look at the signs all around you, can you not see? ... Warning after warning is upon you and still man chooses to not see that judgment is upon the earth! ... Man chooses to turn a blind eye to the truth of My Word, walking in darkness as though they see clearly thinking all is well, IT IS NOT! ... They turn a blind eye to gross sin allowing it to remain instead of stopping it at the root ... Laws allowing gross sin to replace My Laws will always lead to death ... Man is dead in their trespasses but think they're fine.

I SAY PREPARE!! PREPARE for My Hand of judgment to shake the nations ... Judgments that will change mans perspective in a moment, within a BLINK, all will change!

Who is man to think they are above Me! ... No man can undo what I have ordained in My Word!!

Prepare your heart and minds to see what you never thought you would see ... Put your trust in ME ALONE, fore I will sustain and protect My own ... Outside of Me you CAN NOT stand, because fear will rule anyone that hasn't built their foundation in Me and MY Word!

Be prepared to help all who look to you for help and understanding, thousands will need guidance ... DO NOT put your trust in any man or government, because I AM your Guidance and Redeemer.

Can sin go unpunished? In My Word it is clear that any sin that raises itself up against My laws will be brought down though My righteous judgments.

Make yourselves ready, stay in My Word and seek Me diligently ... Ask Me to show you how to prepare your mind for what you will see and hear ... Hearts will fail man when they see just how evil man can be ... Prepare! Stay before Me in prayer ... Ask for MY WISDOM!

Thank you Abba (Father) for this Word ... I love You.

Isaiah 14:27, 40:28, 43:12-13, 55:6-7, 66:1-5        Psalm 9:10, 90:2, 138:7, 147:5
John 3:16      Acts 7:55-56    Romans 6:23        Hebrews 4:12-13, 11:6    James 1:5-7, 4:8
2 Peter 3:3-4     Revelation1:8

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Fate Is Sealed (Visions)

June 3, 2019

The morning of June 3,  after waking up, I was pondering getting my day started when I was given a vision ...

I saw a hearse parked with the back door opened ... looking closely at the inside (I was standing right beside the open door) observing closely, I saw a large wooden casket ... The casket, as in live motion started sealing itself closed, very tightly ... no person was touching the casket ... then the door to the hearse was closed ... the day looked dreary and heavy ... I then ask the Lord, why am I seeing this casket in the hearse sealing itself shut ... I then turned on my side and closed my eyes and the vision continued  ... I saw the hearse driving slowly down the road with MANY cars following in the funeral precession ... every single car had the American flag draped OVER them ... I heard "America's fate is sealed" ... end of vision.

Thank You Lord for this vision.

I feel this was/is a very sobering vision, one that made me understand clearly that judgment(s) are coming to our nation ... judgment that will not be changed by prayer.
Our most important prayer should be for Wisdom and for our lost family and friends.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Do They See Me In You ?

May 16, 2019

Daughter write these Words,

I Am calling all who choose to walk according to My Spirit ... To walk in love and compassion for the lost ... Do not assume that most people you know or meet know Me as Savior, most know about Me but their hearts do not belong to Me ... I long for My children to share My love to the hurting and wounded people around them, speaking My Words of truth to them ... My Word brings healing and clarity to anyone who is lost and without direction.

I came to give life to the lost and hopeless, but how can they know Me in a deep and meaningful way unless my true ones speak of Me, and share how I can change their lives ... Do they see Me in you? Do they see that even though you struggle and stumble, you never give up your faith in Me?

Words of hope, encouragement and love shared in My Word is the road map for anyone that seeks to help others, and to lead them to Me ... True faith is walked out in demonstration of My Holy Spirit in their lives ... I give strength to the weak, direction to the lost, I bind up the brokenhearted ... My Spirit leads them into all truth through My Word ... How do they know unless you speak of Me? ... How do they see unless they see Me in you?

*Note : Ive noticed the Lord has stressed the importance of love and compassion for the lost in a few of the Words He's given me ... I know prophecy is being fulfilled in real-time all over the world, and it's super important to stay informed, but what I think the Lord is speaking to the individual believer is this, ... how much do we care for the lost? Do we listen for the Holy Spirit to speak to us about hurting people around us? Do we pay attention to the Holy Spirit about our own struggles that hinders us from being used by Him? Something we must ask ourselves and be real with the answers ... By doing this, we can grow to be more like Yeshua and a better understanding of learning whats really important in our daily walk.

Thank You Yeshua (Jesus) for this Word ... Thank You Lord for always helping me in my weakness

Psalm 31:24     Luke 1:37, 4:18-19       John 10:10      Romans 10:17
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