Monday, August 8, 2016

Trust My Word Only

Sunday Aug 7, 2016

Daughter, write these words

I am calling out to My children, come out from among the layers of deceit and blindness that cover your minds.... You are bogged down by traditions of man and fail to hear My voice... I am calling out to all who will call upon My name for deliverance ... It is by My name only that you can be free... man can not deliver you from all that seems to be wrong and fearful in your world of daily life... Time will bare down and truth will come forth.

What seems to be the answer for man will soon be the horror of evil hidden in plain sight... Trust not what man promises, trust in My Word ONLY! ... The heart is deceitfully wicked and longs to be soothed and bathed in comfort of self... Many seem comforted by mans determination and pride, hidden in patriotism and self fortitude... What seems to be the answer will soon prove wrong and fear will rule the land... I will NOT be mocked, there will be no doubt that My hand is in control of all you see... You will know that evil is lurking just beneath the surface, even though man is telling you he has the answers for the worlds problems ... Man will fail.

It is by My Word and My Hand that you find truth and salvation... All who call on Me finds truth, the Word of Truth... I am the same today as I have always been, throughout all time as you know it... Time is in My hands and no man can change that!

Plans made by wicked men will be exposed, and their hands will be bound by their own traps ... Manipulation of the weather will be their downfall, plans crumble like glass before them... What can man do that I can not tear down, I made the heavens and the earth, all you see and cannot see, it is by My Hand ... I alone am the Creator !

I tell My children, call out to Me for your lost loved ones and for the broken and abused in the world ... Tell My children to call out to Me for all their hurt and pain... Pray for My precious ones all over the earth ... Help one another, love one another ... Love as I have loved you, without end and full of compassion...You will need Me in the days to come, read My Holy Word, store-up the treasure of My Word ... You will need the strength of My Word to carry you in the future.

I love you with My everlasting love, trust Me, call out to Me... Humble yourselves before Me.

Thank You Yeshua for this Word... I love You.

Psalms 103:17    Jeremiah 17:9 / 31:3   Matthew 6:20   John 13:34-35  1 Thessalonians 4:9
Hebrews 13:8    1 John 4:7  4:12