Friday, December 15, 2017

Seek Revelation

Dec 12, 2017

Daughter, write these words

I am calling out to the ones listening to My voice, the ones who cherish their time with Me ... I have allowed many things to be seen that will come upon the earth so that My children will know whats happening around them ... This time is not to be feared by My children, but a time to rejoice in the harvest ... Many know that I have spoken to them and many are unaware of My timing, it will be made known to them in My timing.

I do not forsake My Word, so all things will be accomplished according to My Holy Word ... Was it not I who spoke all things into existence, did I not say that all who call upon My name will be saved? Yes, and I am still the same.

When these events start to happen, many will seek answers and My children will lead them to Me ... So many cry out for understanding of whats coming upon the earth, its written in My Word ... Take time to seek Me for revelation on what you read ... Seeking Me leads to understanding ... Did I not say in My Word that if you seek Me, you WILL FIND ME ... WHY ARE YOU NOT SEEKING?

I bring all truth to the ones willing to be led by My Spirit ... I do not will that My children be caught off guard to what is coming, that is why I speak to My messengers to bring forth My Words.

Prepare yourselves for the coming harvest, MUCH work is to be done ... Stand strong and ask Me to strengthen you to stand in the day of calamity ... I WILL GIVE YOU MANY INSTRUCTIONS and MY ANGELS WILL ASSIST YOU ... Be of good courage, I GO BEFORE YOU.

Thank You Yeshua (Jesus) for this Word, I love You.

To the people from so many nations that read this blog, please seek the Lord for direction and revelation on whats coming in judgment to the earth ... please don't be complacent and nonchalant about these warnings ... Take the time to cry out to the Lord Yeshua, SEEK HIM, with all your heart and He will answer your cry ... repent, repent, repent of all sins and make a TRUE TURN to righteousness ... lay down the flesh of self and run into the presence of the King, He's the only hiding place that matters.... I love each one of you, more importantly Yeshua loves you no matter what the sin, He will cleanse you white as snow and place His peace inside you ... Just ask Him.

Genesis 1:1-31     Isaiah 46:10    Jeremiah 29:13      Matthew 7:7     Acts 14:15    Romans 10:13

Monday, December 4, 2017

Systematic Depopulation (Dream)

Dream Oct 17, 2017

In the dream I was walking in a downtown area that looked like an open-air promenade with wide sidewalks, trees that lined the streets... department stores and restaurants on both sides of me, very pretty area, evening time.

As I was walking, I heard people in a panic screaming and running ... I turned around and saw all these people running from what looked like 100+ men with guns getting out of vans in dark blue uniforms with light blue ball caps chasing the crowds ... people were screaming "they're here!" "RUN, RUN, RUN, HIDE "...  I started running as though I knew who these people were, I ran to my right and went inside a store as several people were doing the same thing... everyone knew to get away and hide as fast as possible.

After running inside the store I hid in a small closet type room with 2 other people (man & women) ... I then kinda woke -up from the dream but drifted back to sleep and to my surprise was right back in the dream ... the dream then shifted and the three of us had been captured and was inside a car being driven to who knows where, when I suddenly realized I recognized the area ... I made up my mind that I would jump from the car at a red light or stop sign and try and run to safety (I seemed to know a place to hide), the dream shifted again, the three of us were in some kind of old building that looked similar to old military barracks or summer camp buildings ... the room was old with broken down furniture and one bed.

Then to our horror this haggard women came in the room to draw blood from us, each one of knew what she was about to do ... we all dreaded seeing her as though this was normal procedure ... she then would just grab our arm and shove a dirty needle into our arms to draw blood, this was terrifying for each of us.

Dream shifted again, this time I was in a different room and was sitting upright on a stainless steel examine table, draped in a sheet ... I was full of fear ... a man, or "Dr" was standing next to me with a high-tech medical device in his hand (looked like the size of a TV remote) he was looking at a computer screen as he lightly scanned areas of my body... the computer screen was turned to where I could not see it ... He would ask me health questions as he was scanning over my entire body ... THEN TO MY AMAZEMENT and SHOCK, I suddenly could see in the Spirit exactly what he was seeing on the computer screen ... as he skimmed over certain areas of my body, there would be tiny areas show up in the body (this was thermal screening of some kind, more advanced than what we have seen to date) ... These tiny spots would show up in anyone with normal inflammation or infection (just minor medical issues like kidney/gallstones, heartburn, arthritis, etc ... very minor medical issues)... He then ask me does this hurt? Seeing in the Spirit, what he was seeing was very minor, so I said "no", and to my horror he pushed a button on the thermal device he was using to scan with, and the pain and heat I felt was so incredibly painful I don't know how I didn't pass out ...  still seeing in the Spirit,  this device would magnify and worsen the placed scanned, so automatically the report would show later of poor prognosis in that area .... he then moved to my kidney area and ask me the same thing, the pain was unbelievable (I was for some reason allowed to feel this pain in the dream) ... the second we tried to deny anything, it didn't matter what we tried to explain, we would all scream in excruciating pain while this was being done to us... the entire procedure is being recorded ... we were made to look like we were very sickly and ill, but of course we were healthy until this thermal devise was used on us ... dream ended.

Upon waking, I was really shocked at what I had dreamed, trying to understand the technology behind such a device that was used on us in this dream ... then I was made to remember I was allowed to see in the Spirit at what was happening on the screen and how lies were being recorded on each of us... I then got up and made some coffee and sat down to pray ... this is what I heard in my Spirit "Systematic Depopulation" then I heard "Elimination"  ... the Lord then spoke to me this message:

My children will be hunted down like this and be put through these kind of procedures ... They will record about the ones being "detained" that they are a threat and need to be screened, and if no problems they will be released ... They "WILL FIND" medical problems with this device and magnify the disease or trouble areas to mark them (innocent people) as "USELESS' ... this will happen ... My children will know about these places.

Thank You Yeshua for this dream and explanation ... I love You.

Friday, November 10, 2017

My Path Is Light

Oct 30, 2017

Daughter, write these Words...

For far to long I have spoken to My children and they have not yielded to My voice ... They struggle because of lack of faith ... I can removed all obstacles in their path, but because of the lack of faith they struggle needlessly ... I can take every situation and change their circumstances with one Word.

In every situation there's a choice one must make, they choose to walk according to their own will, or choose to walk in My Will ... My ways are much higher than your ways ... My path is light to show you where to walk, your path is dark and you easily stumble from pride and the many attacks from the enemy ... What looks like light is not always light, you must walk with the eyes of My Spirit, this is My Light! Light that no darkness can cover! Yield to My Spirit and you will NOT stumble.

I have chosen your path even before you were placed in the womb, My divine fingerprint rests upon you ... Yield to Me and My divine covering will rest upon you.

Thank you Yeshua (Jesus) for this Word, I love You

Isaiah 55:8-9      Proverbs 3:6, 4:18       Psalm 16:11, 119:105      James 1:17     Acts 2:28

Monday, October 9, 2017

Where Do You Stand

October 9, 2017

Daughter, write these Words I give you this day,

I Am working all things out according to My plans ... nothing done in secret will go unpunished ... Many feel they can hide secret sin and continue as though I do not see, I SEE ALL.

Do you not see all the signs around you? Do you not understand the times in which you walk!!? I do not close My eyes to sin ... Have you not read in My Word that ALL sin will be judged, do you not fear a Righteous Judge? ... I have spoken many times warning of the coming calamities and you continue as though I have not spoken ... WOE to the rebellious walking according to their own flesh!
You walk as though nothing will change and all is good, BUT I SAY, your world will change in one moment, in one flash, all will be different.

Now is the time to search your hearts before Me and ask Me to reveal the condition of your heart (I sensed an urgency)... Where do you spend most of your time?... What does your heart pursue? Is it Me, is it My Word?  I tell you that anything you place before or above Me, is where you truly are ... Am I an afterthought? Where do I fit into your life? I TELL YOU that if I am not your all in all, then I am nothing at all ... Why would you put worldly desires above Me?  Do you not know that all things will pass away, all things but My Word? ... I AM Everlasting to Everlasting ... I give you life so that you can dwell in Me and My Spirit dwell in you!! My kingdom is righteousness, kindness, truth, patience and walking according to all My Word.

I will help you when you when you ask Me, but you must lay down the sin that easily causes you to stumble ... I dwell in Light, so you must learn to walk in Light ... The veil between us is sin ... Determine in your heart to serve Me in Spirit and Truth ... Lay down ALL sin keeping you from abiding in Me (even what seems like small sins, like gossiping, bitterness, holding grudges etc...)     ... In My Light is pureness of heart, I will lift you up and help you walk in Holiness ... You CAN NOT do this in your own strength, that is why I MUST BE your all in all, your daily bread, your salvation ... DISCERN THE TIMES, TURN TO ME NOW.

Thank You Yeshua for this Word,  I love You.

Deuteronomy 6:4-5      1 Samuel 15:23     Psalm 19:12,  90:8,  103:17    Proverbs 2:3-5, 28:13

Luke 21:34    John 8:12    1 Corinthians 11:31, 13:4-5    Hebrews 12:1   1 Peter 1:16

Thursday, August 31, 2017


August 25, 2017     5:45pm

I was taking an afternoon nap on Friday Aug 25th when suddenly I was awaken by hearing this Word:

"Explosion"  I ask, where Lord ...and I heard "In the atmosphere" 

I got up, grabbed my pen and journal then recorded what I heard ..... I waited and prayed and ask the Lord to confirm what I heard .... I feel the time is now to post ... Please as usual take this Word and every Word you read or hear to the Lord in prayer ... I must post what I feel is a warning to the nations.  Will this be a EMP or asteroid, a nuke???  I haven't been shown or told by the Lord ... BUT I feel its for the nations and not just America.

PLEASE if you're reading this, no matter what country you're living in, take time to stop (RIGHT NOW) and ask the Lord to forgive you of any hidden sins or unforgiveness, maybe bitterness, whatever could separate you from the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) ... He will lovingly forgive you and wipe away all your past... trust Him with everything you have, He's coming soon. I love you all so much.

Thank You Yeshua for being my all in all, my Heavenly King, my closest friend, my Redeemer!!
I love you with all my heart.

Monday, July 24, 2017

I Will Stand On My Covenant

July 24, 2017          

Daughter,  My Spirit rests upon you to carry My Words to My people...

My arms are open to all who come to Me ...

Times are approaching  that will cause man to shutter with fear ... Many, many nations are taking their positions against My people Israel ... These nations will choose the wrong side and refuse to help My people, this will be to their demise ... My people are without friends to stand with them against total evil ... So many (nations) claim they stand with My people BUT behind closed doors their mouths speaks differently ... I SEE AND HEAR ALL CONVERSATIONS, nothing will be hid from Me SAITH THE LORD OF HOSTS!!! 

Times are coming and are even on the horizon when nations will stand by and allow My people to suffer at the hands of complete evil and do nothing to help them ... I WILL hold all nations accountable who stands by and allows My people harm ... these nations are goat nations, full of rebellion and hate! How many times must I speak about My Holy Mountain... I've placed My Name on this Mountain to be a reminder to My people! Compromise (I understood this was Israeli government) will be costly to My People, BUT I WILL STAND ON MY COVENANT I made with their forefathers ... Make no mistake, it is MY Hand that separates the sheep from the goats and My Hand that WILL lead My People to victory! (Israel)

A strong delusion is yet to come, prepare your hearts and minds for this time ... Stay close to Me, pray to escape these times and to have discernment of what is of Me and what IS NOT of Me ... I love My children with an everlasting love ... pray for My lost ones to return back to me ... I have time in My Hands ... More things must happen before a chain of events become crystal clear to My chosen, then you will know the time in which you have left ... prepare your minds and hearts for whats coming, Stay close to Me, (take NOTE :2nd time this was spoken) depend on Me for the very steps you take ... Nothing is to hard for Me, I will protect My children to accomplish My Will.

Thank You Yeshua (Jesus) for this powerful Word, I love You

Genesis 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Joel 3: 1-2, 12 1“For behold, in those days and at that time,
         When I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, 
2I will gather all the nations
         And bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat.
         Then I will enter into judgment with them there
         On behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel,
         Whom they have scattered among the nations;
         And they have divided up My land.
12, Let the nations be wakened, and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat: for there will I sit to judge all the nations round about.

Psalm 129:5 Let them be put to shame and turned backward, All they that hate Zion.  

Matthew 25:13  Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

Matthew 25: 32-33 32“All the nations will be gathered before Him; and He will separate them from one another, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; 33and He will put the sheep on His right, and the goats on the left.

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 11For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, 12in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness

Revelation 3:11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

You Belong To Me

May 9, 2015

Daughter, write these Words...

I have seen your tears, ... tears of hurt and pain. I know your hearts longings, for I created you ... I know your desires to please Me, your stumbling and shortcomings ... Am I not aware of all things? Yes, I'm aware of even the smallest details of your life ... All life is in My Hands.

They're times you feel alone, frustrated and forgotten, but remember dear child, You belong to Me... I never forget or abandon My own ... Many times I take you through times of testing to teach you how to depend on Me ... Times I must show you that without Me, you can do nothing.

Frustration is sign you are NOT walking in faith ... To build up your faith you must pray and ask Me to help you and strengthen you from within ... My Word is your daily bread to sustain you and in My Word you find life... Like a flower, it must be nourished to thrive, so must you be nourished ... My Word can sustain you for every situation in your life ... Trust Me to show you how to walk in My ways ... Apart from Me you can do nothing.

Sometimes you understand and times you struggle, ... lean on Me to be your teacher and yield to My promptings ... I will give you understanding and help you with your weaknesses ... If you call on Me now you will be able to grow and learn to hear Me in all the areas needed to walk in faith.

Trust Me dear child,  I love you with an everlasting love ... Call on Me for direction, I WILL show you, ask in faith and waiver not in your heart and I will teach you and sustain you in all things.

Thank You Yeshua (Jesus) for this Word, I love YOU! 

Deuteronomy 31:6  Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.”

   Deuteronomy 31:8  The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”   

   1 Chronicles 28:9  “And you, My son Solomon, acknowledge the God of your Father, and serve him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind, for the Lord searches every heart and understands every desire and every thought.

   Isaiah 41:13  For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you      

   John 15:5  “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing     

    Acts 15:8  God, who knows the heart, showed that He accepted them by giving the Holy Spirit to them,just as he did to us.                                                                                    
   Philippians 1:6  being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

   Hebrews 11:6  And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

   Psalm 9:10  Those who know Your name trust in You, for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek You.

   Psalm 54:4  Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me. 

   Psalm 94:14  For the Lord will not reject his people He will never forsake His inheritance. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Nations Will Rise Up

April 12, 2017      3:15 am

Daughter,  write these Words...

I am giving many of My children warnings to prepare for war ... There are many things coming that will shock the nations ... Unexpected, but planned by evil leaders ... I have warned my children so that they will know My timing as these things unfold ... War has been planned to bring nations into confusion and chaos to draw attention away from My children Israel ... Armies will gather against My Chosen as though they are helpless and no one to help them, I WILL BE THEIR DEFENDER, I WILL BE THEIR SHIELD!! ... Who dares to come against My Holy ones! They will be defeated!!!!  

Much bloodshed and misery will cover nation after nation and many will not believe what they hear and see ... Days will become fearful and full of pain ... It will happen very quickly and most will be caught off guard.

I have prepared My children who walk close with Me and choose to heed My warnings ... Time is quickly approaching when no one will have time to think or prepare, it will be to late... Many are gonna lose their lives in 1 second ... Time is short.

My children live as though time is the same ... Can you not see the winds of war right in front of you, can you not see how nations are rising up against nations?  As this time unfolds, I will be your help, I will be your protector! ... BUT know this, many will lay down their lives and many will walk according to My plans until I bring them unto Myself.

Are you ready ... Are you ready to see the world change in an instant? ... Your eyes will see this and your heart will fail you unless you know Me intimately to be able to hear My voice direct you ... Whats coming is utter devastation ... It will be unbelievable that man can do such things ... Though this seems unreal, it will be reality.

My chosen will be directed to help and lead people to Me, even in utter despair.

Thank you Lord for this Word, I love You.

I was tossing and turning after I went too bed and finally realized I had to get up and wait before the Lord .... We all know the undercurrents of whats happening around the world, but this is NOT the first warning He's given me about war ... I will say this is the strongest Word Ive received to date, very very serious. Please, if you do not know the Lord, ask him to forgive you of your sins and ask Him to  come inside and set up His Kingdom in your heart .... He will guide you every second of the day and teach you His ways, trust Him completely ... remember, He loves you so much He died for you.

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.”

Isaiah 41:10 (NKJV) 

'Fear not for I am with you,
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

Matthew 24:7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.

2 Thessalonians 3:3 (NKJV)  But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.

           Psalm 91:1-2 (NKJV) 

1. He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
 2. I will say of the Lord“He is my refuge and my fortress;
My God, in Him I will trust.

 Psalm 138:7 (NKJV)

 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me;
You will stretch out Your hand
Against the wrath of my enemies,
And Your right hand will save me.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


 March 23, 2017

Daughter, write these Words...

I have called you to hear Me when I speak ... I speak Words to My children in order for them to repent and follow Me ... I choose the ones who speak My Words ... They speak what I want My children to know ... To know that I love them with an everlasting love, a love so deep that they will not understand until they are with Me for eternity ... My love is what carries all truth ... Time and time again I show My love to all who will trust Me to lead them into all truth ... Some think love is only temporary or fleeting ...I SAY MY LOVE IS FOREVER, I AM LOVE ... My love never fails or leaves you, I AM FOREVER with you!

Oh how I love My children.

Times are coming that the only thing left will be My love, and My love will carry those who love and trust Me to the end ... Do you feel My love that I freely give in abundance ?

Cry out to Me, I will surely hear you and cover you with My love ... It is not to late, I hear the faintest cry ... I bind up the broken unto Myself and heal their hearts ... Come to Me, I wait with open arms.

You must want Me more than anything or anyone, I AM your Savior, your Redeemer.

Thank You Yeshua for this Word, I love You ... more than anything or anyone.

Isaiah 41:10Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Zephaniah 3:17The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing

Psalm 86:15But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, long suffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.

Psalm 147:3 He health the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

Proverbs 8:17 I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me

John 3:16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

1 John 4:9-109 .. In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him...10 Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

1 John 4:16 And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.

Romans 5:8But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us

Deuteronomy 6:5  and  Mark 12:30And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

Ephesians 2:4-54.. But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, .. Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved

Monday, February 6, 2017

War Is Coming

Feb 3, 2017  (This Word started at the beginning of Feb)


War is coming! My people are not ready... My people prefer a lover that will give them self-indulgent desires of the flesh ... Many times I have cried out to them to turn to Me, turn to Me and live.

My children are so easily distracted by the love of self, while others perish around them.

I call out to all who will listen ... Have I not warned to repent and choose life?... I have made Myself known to the ones who seek Me, who take time in My presence ... Commune with Me, I rest upon those who seek Me with purity of heart.

Some think that time can continue as it has, without repenting and turning way from sin, I SAY, turn to Me now, and live... My hearts cry is for all to come to Me, I take away fear of the unknown, I bring peace to the weary.

I have chastened My own and brought many back into alignment with My purposes ... I shall awaken more with judgments upon their land ... Justice will come forth and I will lead many to My truth in ONE day ... Fear from judgments will bring many to understand My Righteousness and cause them to cry out to Me, I WILL hear them.

Now is the time to repent and ask Me to show you where sin is holding you hostage ... I will break all chains from sin when you call upon Me for forgiveness ... I will strengthen those who are weak ... Call out to Me now and live.

Thank you Yeshua (Jesus) for this message, I love You.

Isaiah 55:6-7(KJV)  Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

Psalm 32:1(KJV)  Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.

Psalm 41:4(KJV)  I said, Lord, be merciful unto me: heal my soul; for I have sinned against thee

1 Corinthians 11:32 (KJV)  32 But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world.

Hebrews 12:7 (KJV)  If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?

Revelation 3:19 (KJV)  19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

Revelation 18:8(KJV)   Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her

Monday, January 23, 2017

Stars Will Fall Like Rain

January 19, 2017

Daughter,  write these words which I give you,

Many events are on the horizon ... Stars will fall like rain, My judgments have been spoken by My servants, many do not listen... Time passes by and all seems well... all is NOT well.

My children who are listening to My voice go forth in My strength, preparing for the battle ahead... I will cause all who follow Me to have a purpose and assignment, they will know what I'm speaking and lead others to stand at their posts... Many are aware of what they will do at My command and others are waiting their assignments ... Believe this! I WILL have an army battle ready! Many have waited for their marching orders and wait for My command ... Some may question what they are supposed to do, ... wait for My prompting, you will be made to know your assignment... Fear NOT! I AM with you every step you take... I go before you in the battle ... My warriors are fearless and willing!

My hand holds the shield of righteousness ... My angels are ready on every front, the battle plan is laid out ... Now go forth in knowledge that the battle is Mine and I go before you ... Stand strong in My Might! ... I share insight to all who are close to Me ... Come close and you will have answers needed for what lies ahead... I AM close to all who draw close to Me.

FEAR NOT! The battle is Mine says The Lord Of Hosts! I bring full understanding to the ones I prepare.

Thank You Lord for this Word, I love You.

Exodus 14:14   Deuteronomy 9:3, 33:27   2 Chronicles 20:12-17    Psalms 25:4/5, 27:13/14, 33:20-22
Isaiah 30:18, 40:31     Lamentations 3:25   Micah 7:7   Habakkuk 2:1-3  Revelation 6:12-13, 12


January 16, 2017

January 16th before getting out of bed, I heard very loud in my spirit "WOE, WOE, WOE" ... then within a few seconds I could see in the Spirit a book ... the book pages were flipping very fast ... I could see scenes on the pages of people screaming, smoke, fire, people running, people crying, buildings destroyed, and pure terror on faces.

The word “woe” in the Greek is “ouai” and is more than just an expression of a feeling. Woe is a judgment as we read in the Book of Revelation (chapters 8. 9, 11, and 12). It means “alas” or almost like “oh no!” When the word woe is used, it is quite possibly signifying impending doom, condemnation and/or the wrath of God so it is never used to only emphasize something in the sentence in which it is used. The context is always king when this word is used. The Hebrew word for woe is “howy” and essentially means the very same thing as it does when used in the New Testament. Yeshua used the word woe more than anyone else in the Bible. The Gospel of Luke has twice as many woes (13) than the nearest book in Old Testament (Ezekiel has 6) and only Matthew has nearly as many (12).  

Thank You Yeshua for this vision/Word