Thursday, August 31, 2017


August 25, 2017     5:45pm

I was taking an afternoon nap on Friday Aug 25th when suddenly I was awaken by hearing this Word:

"Explosion"  I ask, where Lord ...and I heard "In the atmosphere" 

I got up, grabbed my pen and journal then recorded what I heard ..... I waited and prayed and ask the Lord to confirm what I heard .... I feel the time is now to post ... Please as usual take this Word and every Word you read or hear to the Lord in prayer ... I must post what I feel is a warning to the nations.  Will this be a EMP or asteroid, a nuke???  I haven't been shown or told by the Lord ... BUT I feel its for the nations and not just America.

PLEASE if you're reading this, no matter what country you're living in, take time to stop (RIGHT NOW) and ask the Lord to forgive you of any hidden sins or unforgiveness, maybe bitterness, whatever could separate you from the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) ... He will lovingly forgive you and wipe away all your past... trust Him with everything you have, He's coming soon. I love you all so much.

Thank You Yeshua for being my all in all, my Heavenly King, my closest friend, my Redeemer!!
I love you with all my heart.