Thursday, December 15, 2016

Protection (Open Vision in 2000)

This vision is being brought to my memory over and over ... its time to share publicly.

This vision was in 2000

The vision started just after hanging up the phone with a friend of mine (Mark Woody), that's now a pastor in Oregon.

I was sitting on my bed and as the vision opened up...

I could see a pretty green park on the outskirts of a large city ... I could see the city skyline just beyond the park... As I looked down at the scene of this vision, I could see myself walking through the park ... all of a sudden I heard loud crying, screaming and coughing.... walking faster I could see a platform up a slight hill in front of me, (like one used for singing for crowds enjoying the nice weather in the park) but the platform was empty and people were laying all around on the grass and hillside crying and choking .... I heard people saying I can't breathe, I can't breathe... some people were already dead.  
I thought maybe some type of explosion had happened but couldn't see any buildings in the skyline damaged .... I was made to know it was poisonous gas .... there was no smell or visible vapors I could discern ...  I started praying for people and leading them to the Lord as they were choking and crying... some were asking me "how can you breathe"... "how can you walk" ... That's when I realized that whatever was in the air wasn't affecting me at all, so I worked as fast as I could ... trying to pray with as many people as I could as they were dying... the vision ended.

Thank You Yeshua for this vision .... I love You.

This vision was so powerful that I can remember every single detail and see every color as though it was yesterday ... I was greatly effected by this vision knowing I will witness it in the future .. its been 16 years and I've been reminded many times just recently about what I was shown... I knew in my spirit it was time to put it up on the blog.

Please take the time and ask Yeshua (Jesus) to forgive you of all your sins, ask Him to live inside you, He will ....  ask Him for His protection... We are heading into very hard times and without Him to help us we can't survive and be used for His glory.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Better Understanding

December 4, 2016

Daughter, write these words

I Am leading all to a better understanding of the coming events ... To the ones who hear My voice, TURBULENT TIMES are upon the horizon, times of great struggle ... My called out ones will be led to walk out all I have for them to do ... They will obey Me and I will strengthen them by My Hand of power ... They will not walk to the left or right, but follow My voice only.

Times of great stress will overtake those who do not know Me ... They will be terrified by what they see happening around them ... They will see My chosen ones and reach out for help ... Are you willing to be used by Me? Willing to reach out to all I lead to you? ... The broken and lost will see My anointed ones and cry out to be helped, overwhelming cries ... The harvest is great, are you willing?

To be used by Me, you must be willing to seek Me for deeper understanding and I will show you the path I have chosen for you ... I alone will be your direction ... Do not deviate from the path, My Light will lead you into full understanding... Dangerous decisions must be led by My Spirit ... Stay close to Me ... Learn to hear Me when I speak ... Seek Me and I will show you.

(a little times passes while I pray)

My chosen ones are willing, are you?  Seek Me for direction, I will lead you... Time and time I have called out to all who will listen ... If you learn of Me now, you will know what to do when judgments fall ... I Am your protection ... I Am your shield ... KNOW My voice.

I have assignments for all who trust Me and know Me intimately ... My hand will rest upon those who follow Me ... I will go before the battle and I will speak through the ones who LOVE Me with all their hearts.
Thank You Yeshua for this Word, I love you.

Deuteronomy 4:29          Nahum 1:7      Psalm 14:2, 34:19, 78:34, 91:7      Matthew 9:37
Luke 10:2           Hebrews 11:6