Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Some Think Man Has The Answers

Word given to me July 21, 2016

Daughter... Go forth and declare My Words, saith The Lord Of Hosts...

It is My hand that directs all that is called according to My purpose... Did I not say that time belongs to Me?...Yes! I have declared it!... Many think they have the answers to all the pitfalls that have been laid out by the evil one... Yay, I say that NO MAN will overcome evil except by My TRUTH, Truth given by My Word. Some think all is well, things will be better by simply a "changing of the guard", but things are not changing for the better, only darkness and suffering... (world conditions and sin)

I have called out time and time again, still ears are closed off to My warnings... Many think a man can rescue them for a better way, or thinking time can go backwards and repeat the past... I say MY Word never changes and truth has been available for direction from before the foundations of time.
My path is a narrow path, a path of Truth and Holiness, a path I'm willing to walk on with anyone who calls out to Me... I never leave one of children on My path... I give all a chance to receive Me to walk in freedom and relationship with Me.... Have I not said in My Word that I AM a Light upon the path? YES!, and I will shine the way to all who choose to follow Me... I love My children with an everlasting love.... Pure and Holy.

Compromising the truth for a lie is what the flesh desires

Time is held by Me, the Beginning and the End, it all belongs to Me... Will you take the time to humble yourselves before Me and cry out for a broken world, full of evil... I have children all over the world that cry out for others... these little ones I hear, their slightest prayers belongs to Me... Humble yourselves..... I Am answering the prayers of all that humble themselves before Me and cry out for justice.

Many have heard My warnings and still reject My call... I desire all would come to repentance and ask Me for a new heart, a heart that is clean and open to MY VOICE... Are you willing?

Thank you Lord for this Word... I love You.

Jeremiah 31:3    Psalm 119:105   Romans 1:25-32

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Past Dream in Sept of 2015

Today is July 5, 2016  The Lord has been bringing this dream to me several times within this week and I'm sure I'm to post it now.

Dream was Sept 29, 2015

I had a very short dream that was deep and very vivid ...

In this dream I could see America.... our nation was in deep mourning and sorrow, dark and grey... then I was shown the Liberty Bell.... the large bell was full of holes and battered... as I looked closely I could see clear oil running out of the inside of the bell and dripping down the sides..... it was very obvious that the Lord was showing me that America was losing her anointing He had placed on her as a nation ...... it was very sad to look at.

Thank You Yeshua for your gifts bestowed on me...I love You.