Friday, November 25, 2016

My Ways Are Higher

November 22, 2016

Daughter ... write these Words..

My plans are much higher than mans, My ways are much higher .... I give all a chance to come before Me.

Not all that you see is of Me... there's a counterfeit masquerading around as though it's from Me, it is not... Many are convinced that My Hand of judgment has been held back, it has not. I Am NOT a man that I should lie, My truth shall come forth... Time will not wait, My Father holds time in HIS HANDS, and I wait patiently for My Fathers Word... then time changes.

Time will crash in on what will seem unreal to all who witness the reality of heartbreaking events coming upon the earth... I have been mocked, that will soon change, all will know the truth.

Be preparing yourselves for the coming onslaught of change, it will be hard to comprehend... Stay close to Me, I will lead all who trust in me to safety... How many times must I call out to My little ones!  PREPARE! Time is upon you even now ... Stay before Me in prayer and faith, stay strong in My promises ... I'm coming in power with an outstretched arm.

Thank You Yeshua for this Word, I love You.

NOTE:  I find it really telling that the Lord while speaking about a counterfeit masquerading around, uses the title "IT" while describing the enemy.

Isaiah 55:8     Exodus 6:6    Numbers 23:19    Deuteronomy 7:19   Psalm 89:3  Proverbs 3:5/6
Matthew  24:4/5, 30/31    Mark 13:32    Ephesians 1:10