Monday, February 29, 2016

Stay Grounded

Oct 22, 2015

Daughter, I am here for you, do not despair...I Am here each time you call on me...stop thinking you're not doing enough, just follow Me...calm yourself in My Word... Is it not true that I give instructions to My little ones... Yes, I help them to walk up-right and strong...I am here for My children, they need Me and I am here always... The days ahead will be very hard, and My children will need Me even more... Study My Word with more determination and vigor... It will be My Word that will carry you forward in the darkness... My Word is the light that will be needed for strength and protection... Is not My Word powerful than any two edged sword? No evil can stand against My word...There is life and power in MY Word, it's living and breathing... I AM the Word.
You must stay grounded and steadfast in My Word... It's my time with you that will teach you how to stand in the hard days to come...Walk in My strength and do not count on yourself, you will fail... Perilous days are on the horizon and men will come up short because they trust in themselves...Why would anyone trust in man-made ideas, when they have failed each time because of disobedience, sin and removing Me from their lives
Nations will cry out to Me for the answers and the answers are in My Word!... The ones walking with Me will have the answers and they will be very obvious to the ones walking in darkness... I stand alone, there is no other gods beside Me...Help is in My Hand and no other!
Keep walking and trusting in Me and I shall lead you into all truth...nothing is impossible with Me, My hand is mighty to preform all I have declared... Trust Me in everything you do, call to Me for help, even the smallest things I will do for all who trust and follow Me...Watch My hand of power move on your behalf.  ( I have already seen and will continue to see!!  Praise Yeshua )
Trust Me daughter, I Am here for you...never stop seeking Me, I AM your strength in battle against the enemy...Stand fast in Me, I AM your protection.

Thank You Yeshua for this Word

Psalm 93, 94, 95    Isaiah 60   Revelation 19:13