Saturday, October 1, 2016


September 22, 2016

Speak to my people

Mercy is in My hands... It is I alone who sustains you.

I have called out to My little ones to walk according to My Word ... I love My children, but they are weak ... staying distracted by the cares of the world around them ...  Call out to Me, I will lead you into all truth ... Some think they have answers for the turmoil in the world, but I say they do not have the answers .... I Am the Way, the Truth, the Life, no man goes before me ... I am the answer ... Do they call out to Me? Do they seek My hand to lead them to repentance? NO! They rely on their own selfish desires and motives to continue on the path of destruction.

I long to give of Myself, direction, which is needed to understand My will for them... I have spoken to many and they have heard My voice ... They cry out to others for Me, warning of the impending judgments that's upon them even now, but most do not listen.

Time will come when all will see My hand of correction, none will doubt that I am in control ... Man boasts of technology to control the atmosphere, BUT I SAY I control the universe! I created everything!  What can man do that I didn't give him in the first place ... DUST! Dust from which they came! My breath gave life, all life.... How do men think they have control over Me... Soon they will know they have no control! Who is man to think he can stop what My Word has declared.

Such wickedness abounds, such perversion throughout the nations... I have allowed a snare to be laid out in which mankind will be caught off guard, found lacking in what to do ... It will be to late.

I am the answer, seek Me now, while there is still time ... Most think they have more time and continue on a path without repentance and forgiveness ... Come to Me, ask for direction, repent and follow Me ... I lead all who love and follow Me into all truth ... Safety is in Me alone.

Thank You Lord for this Word ... I love You.

Deuteronomy 10:14      2 Kings 19:15     Nehemiah 9:6     Psalm 36:6, 102:25    Isaiah 55:6
Jeremiah 29:13    Ezekiel 12:13