Thursday, October 6, 2016

Stand Ready !

October 5, 2016

Stand Ready at all times! ... Lean into me, I am your protection ... Trust Me I will lead you into understanding ... I never leave My children.

Times are coming daughter, when no one will doubt My hand of judgment ... Cast your cares upon Me, faint not, for I hold you in the palm of My hand ... eyes will see My mighty hand upon My own, seeing clearly of what My holy ones will do for Me ... Standing strong against the evil forces that are no match for Me! They will go forward at My command and NO evil force will stop them, they will move in My power ... Many try to stop My plans, they can not ! I own all creation ... Never before has been seen, to what your eyes will see ... Many try to come up with ways to change events that are ordered by My hand ... Man can not change what I have declared ... Just as in the days of old, I ordered all My prophets according to My plans to carry out all I spoke.

Soon all will see greater events as My hand moves throughout the nations ... How many will come to Me?... How many will cry out to Me? ... How many will cry out for mercy?.

It's My hand that gathers all unto Myself ... Are you ready? Can you trust Me enough to shelter and protect you?...  Cry out to Me for revelation of coming events, prepare yourselves for My anointing and power to rest upon you ... Cleanse yourselves in My forgiveness ... All sin, even the smallest sin must be confessed ... search yourselves, ask Me to show you what is not of Me ... I will reveal unspoken and hidden sins ... confess all sins to Me, and I will forgive you.

My Spirit will lead you into understanding of Holiness  ...  Rent your hearts before Me, open your hearts completely ... I can forgive and heal every hurt spoken before Me ... Cry out in truth, cry out in humility, I hear even the faintest cry, I see every tear ... Trust Me with every hurt, I love you.

Thank You Lord for this Word ... I love You.

Joel 2:13      2 Chronicles 7:14        Acts 3:19  - 8:22      Luke 13:3     Hebrews 13:5
Proverbs 28:13    James 4:8-10   Psalm 56:8