Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Call Out To Me

March 22, 2016

Daughter,   I wait for My children to call out to Me... I wait for them to see I have the answers to their fears and heartache ... My Spirit goes before Me to show truth to all who truly seek Me... Have I not always made a way to show My plans to those who walk holy before Me... I hold the hands of the weak, I lead the weak and weary unto Myself... I comfort all who call out to Me... Truth is in My Word for all to see and believe ... Choose this day which path to take, My path is life and love filled with hope to a lost and wicked world... Call out to Me, I come close to those with a broken heart, I bind up the broken unto Myself... I lead all into truth of My Word... I am willing to save all who will call out to Me... Even a whisper I hear, every tear is seen... Nothing is to deep that My Spirit can't touch.

Trust Me, call out to Me, I am so close.

You see the turmoil in the world and ask yourself, how much worse is it gonna get...  Know this My child, I am with you until the fulfillment of all time ... My hand is in control... I am sure to cause all things to work according to My plans... Seek Me while there is time...Read My Word, earnestly seek Me... You will find Me... I love you.

Thank You Yeshua for this Word.

Jeremiah 29:13   Psalm 25:5, 34:18, 119:76   Matthew 28:20   2 Corinthians 1:4