Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Time is Speeding Up

Jan 16, 2016

Daughter, I have spoken to you in accordance to My Word... I judge all things according to My Word... Time is speeding up and mankind is not ready for the wake of destruction coming upon the earth... Many have said this time will not come, but yay, I say it will come and is now on the horizon ... Many will try to figure out a way to by-pass My judgments but I will not allow their plans to transpire, for judgement is in My hands and I will declare My judgements on the haughty and prideful... My hand will not be mocked... I will declare over My creation all I have spoken, and no man will prevent Me from fulfilling My Word.
I have given many warnings and now My judgment will go forth, calamity and heartache will fill the air, cries of repentance will come before Me and I will hear theirs cries... Many will lose their lives so that others will cry out for mercy... My hand is outstretched and open to all who truly cry out to Me... I lead My children into all truth, yes even by judgment... I love My children, I lead My children to correction through judgments... I have spoken and declared what will soon come to pass... Awaken, follow, trust, repent and stay close to Me... Seek Me with all your heart, stay in My Word... Warn of My judgements so that all who will hear will cry out to Me for mercy... I have spoken and soon all will see My hand... Take heart that I have made a way of escape for all who truly love Me and serve Me.

Thank You Yeshua for this Word

Ezekiel 20:8/9   John 14: 17, 16:13    Psalm 25:5