Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Stop, Listen Closely

Jan 5, 2016

Daughter, you hear My voice speaking to you, it's My words you write... I Am using My anointing that I have placed upon you for My purpose... I have called you to speak on My behalf the truths I will show you ... You are willing to seek Me and I Am willing to speak through you.
Stop, listen closely, for I am giving instructions to all who will listen to My call... a call of holiness.
Walking upon My path is a path of safety and communion with Me... All who will take the time to seek Me will find Me... I long to speak to My children, to heal their pain and heartaches, to lift them up to Myself... My love is great and I long to communicate with My children... Not hearing Me is because you must incline your spirit to mine... There is freedom in My love... Stay the course in faith and do not grow weary, for in due time You will see Me in honor and glory, full of grace and compassion... Steady your heart in Me and I will hold you up... Time is in My hands and I will show Myself mighty to perform all I have declared ... Trust Me, follow Me, I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life...

Thank You Yeshua for this Word

John 14:6   Galatians 6:9   2 Thessalonians 3:13